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# 1 Questions from a casual
02-01-2010, 01:51 PM
Enjoying the game so far but I have some questions I didn't bother to ask during my limited time in open beta and now that I've been playing Headstart.

Questions are, I hear people recommend abilities from BO such as Tractor Beam, Emergency Power to Shields, etc. None of my BO have such abilities. How do you get a BO that has said abilities? How do you know a BO has said abilities before you purchase them? Second, according to the game my BO's can learn new abilities but BO's that aren't the same type as me (Tactical Officer) can't learn new abilities from me but can from other officers of the same type. Where do I go to train them new skills?

Finally, I heard mention of a ship replicator. What exactly is this?