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# 1 Space isnt the final frontier
02-01-2010, 01:52 PM
Stable servers are lol
Cmon guys get it back up; this is the last day we're gonna be able to play for like a month seeing the way the servers are holding up
And the way that every other commercial on "syfy" is one for this game
That last sentance struck me as funny given that they "underestimates interest in the game"
Seriously?? You take a whole channel over to the point where you have it showing the TV shows from the series the game is based after for two days, putting STO commercials in EVERY SINGLE BREAK
And you are surprised with the number of ppl interested?? Not to mention that its a very visible, what 70 year old brand name
Time to step up your "A" game guys.
You do have one dont you?