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I'm enjoying the game so far, but I have a bunch of newb questions.

1. I guess my "informal" name should have a first and last name? E.g., if I am just "George", I'll be called "Ensign George," right? If I am "George Wilson," I'll be George to friends and "Captain Wilson" to others?

2. Are BOs subject to the naming policy? Could I call one Spock and one Kirk if I wanted? Not that I necessarily want to, mind you. More curious than anything else.

3. I'm not a min-maxer, but I do hate inadvertently gimping myself. How badly can I gimp myself in general? What should I do to avoid this? E.g., should I have one BO from every profession? Should I avoid giving them skills that overlap? Are there must-have or must-avoid skills or combinations?

4. How badly can I gimp myself by making purely RP choices for BOs? E.g., if I want to make a team of Vulcans?

5. I gather names aren't unique, since we have our @Selek-of-Vulcan handles. I rather like this. So that means I needn't rush to make a placeholder to save a name?

Thanks in advance.