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02-01-2010, 01:56 PM
Originally Posted by candyheart View Post
1. YES
2. NO

worthless skills that take points away from top level skills you will cry at max level if you buy them.

SKILL CAP 60700 POINTS. Stupidest decision in a long long long line of stupid changes they made to this game during beta. This game was DESIGNED for unlimited skill points. It now has a cap. Skills that made sense to implement before, now HURT the player that buys them. That is all.

edit: p.s. those intermediate ship handling skills really really make the ship handle a lot better too. shame on cryptic for putting skills in game that will deliberately gimp a player at max level though with no retcon in sight. (and when retcons get here, expect to pay AT LEAST 15 dollars for them)
Why should I expect to pay 15 dollars for them? I have played champions and received many of them for free. You sound pretty bitter about this.