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02-01-2010, 01:58 PM
Yup, respecs are coming down the line. Though if they go the CO route, their respec system will be overly costly.

But, yes, we do need more information available to us.

For example, if we are looking at an ability on the bridge officer trainer, it should tell us right there which skills impact that ability and what parts of the ability they increase. Instead, the only way to get that information is to have the power on a BOff slotted in a station where he can actually use the power, assuming a space power.

Likewise, when looking at the skills list, it should list all the abilities impacted by the skill. Not just two as examples. And they need to be accurate. There's at least one mistake in there. And for things like the captain skills, it should tell us exactly how much hull increase, turn rate, and so on it provides. For any trainable abilities unlocked, it should say explicitly what background it unlocks for, in case people didn't read what one particular NPC might have said if you picked the right option.

And so on.