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02-01-2010, 02:02 PM
Originally Posted by zinc View Post
Whoa! You guys continue to blow away all our expectations. We had so many people playing Star Trek this weekend... It's incredible! Of course, whenever we break population records, we find more room for improvement, as well.

We had some issues this weekend that brought the servers down a couple times. This was due, in large part, to lots of people claiming items from the C-Store and an unrelated bug on the back-end. We've been working all weekend to sort these issues out and we should have some fixes rolled out later today.

We're continuing to work on server performance and stability, too. We're constantly squeezing more and more out of every little bit of processor power we have.

These fixes will go a long way in better preparing us for the inevitable rush tomorrow and this coming weekend. Thanks for bearing with us during this time.

I know this weekend was rough, but be sure that the team here at Cryptic is entirely focused on getting any issue we find resolved and fixed as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your patience.

If anyone that was around during the Beta is still buying this whole "wow you guys are just so amazing you crash us multiple times a day every single day" bull*&*^ than you need a reality check. Cryptic, thanks for the update and the explanation but it can't possibly be the truth since your experiencing the same if not greater frequency of downtime during headstart than you did in Beta, and not just this weekend, but all last week as well. Please all I ask is no more copy and paste messages, no more patronizing and overly cheery assertions about how you couldnt expect this many people to want to play a STAR TREK game. This is meant to be a constructive message that should give you an idea about the average intelligence of the people who you think are buying your messages. Give us the respect we deserve as consumers and the sole provider of the profits you feed your families with, not like sheep meant to be fooled and comforted into compliance. Thank you.