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02-01-2010, 02:02 PM
Originally Posted by Selek-of-Vulcan View Post
I'm enjoying the game so far, but I have a bunch of newb questions

1. I guess my "informal" name should have a first and last name? E.g., if I am just "George", I'll be called "Ensign George," right? If I am "George Wilson," I'll be George to friends and "Captain Wilson" to others?
THe first name you enter (the single box at the top of the page) is the name other players see above your head and what they use to send tells and such. it can be a single name or two names
At the bottem you can enter a first middle and last, wich is what npc's wil lrefer to you as
2. Are BOs subject to the naming policy? Could I call one Spock and one Kirk if I wanted? Not that I necessarily want to, mind you. More curious than anything else.
No clue sorry

3. I'm not a min-maxer, but I do hate inadvertently gimping myself. How badly can I gimp myself in general? What should I do to avoid this? E.g., should I have one BO from every profession? Should I avoid giving them skills that overlap? Are there must-have or must-avoid skills or combinations?
you cant really gimp yourself unless you dont spend skillpoints. try get a good mix of ground and space traits so that your not too weak in either situation
Ships have specific BO slots, ie: the starter fed ship has 1sci 1tac and 1engi slot so you have to have 1 of each. Skill choice is up to you, although i would recoment torpedo high yield as your first tactical choice

4. How badly can I gimp myself by making purely RP choices for BOs? E.g., if I want to make a team of Vulcans?
You woudlant gimp yourself at all unless you decided to make them all vulcan monks who refuse to use firearms

5. I gather names aren't unique, since we have our @Selek-of-Vulcan handles. I rather like this. So that means I needn't rush to make a placeholder to save a name?
as far as i know that is correct

Thanks in advance.
Np hope that helps