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02-01-2010, 02:03 PM
Originally Posted by Raist718 View Post
I think you are jumping the gun here. Its the day before launch. Staff and Dev are probably a wee bit busy right now to make forums responses. During beta they did a decent job listening and changing what they could in a short period of time. Think many who played in beta can say the klingon are much diffrent from then to now. You have to be patient with launch.
I was in CB/OB and yes we have had some help. We still have stuff broken from CB/OB. News travels fast on the net like a wild fire. All i'm asking is to be informed , yeah no news is good news but in the case of the klingon faction "no news" is not good. Only reason the Klingon's have what they have atm is that the Klingon player base in CB/OB complained very loud and the Klingon's where nothing but a joke. where is the T2 Cruiser? oh yeah it's coming, so is Xmas 2010!