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02-01-2010, 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by Garland87 View Post
If anyone that was around during the Beta is still buying this whole "wow you guys are just so amazing you crash us multiple times a day every single day" bull*&*^ than you need a reality check. Cryptic, thanks for the update and the explanation but it can't possibly be the truth since your experiencing the same if not greater frequency of downtime during headstart than you did in Beta, and not just this weekend, but all last week as well. Please all I ask is no more copy and paste messages, no more patronizing and overly cheery assertions about how you couldnt expect this many people to want to play a STAR TREK game. This is meant to be a constructive message that should give you an idea about the average intelligence of the people who you think are buying your messages. Give us the respect we deserve as consumers and the sole provider of the profits you feed your families with, not like sheep meant to be fooled and comforted into compliance. Thank you.
If you'd ever actually been a part of a major complex software project you'd know that the real stress on a system comes not during a beta cycle (however much testing you try to do) but when you start picking up a real population of users.

The only way Cryptic could have really got a better handle on this would have been by phasing in the population, even then they'd have had to break that up as the US all coming on at once must represent a massive number of users.

These guys are working really hard, round the clock, to make our experience better - thats all they can do and thats all we need them to do.

They need us to have some patience and keep the faith.

Remember, there is nothing in it for these guys if they fail, so why would they want to ?