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02-01-2010, 02:05 PM
Mid to low end machines on older cards are going to struggle with STO. Recommended SPECS are hardly the recommended. I meet recommended and the game runs like dirt on all but the lowest settings and even then some zones run like mud. Overdose on the environmental effects and planetary bodies. I hate it when developers always think they are forced to cram so much junk into one scene when all we really care about is the ships and fx. Unless your running this game on a high end vid card/CPU it's going to struggle. Hell the game was overiding my control panel for days up until yesterdays patch. Now I can force settings in the Nvidia control panel again. Overall I think performance went down even with VSYNC off. I hardly every run anything with VSYNC off but with STO it runs so poor with VSYNC on I am forced to turn all post process and dynamics off. I litterly have to butcher the settings just to get smooth play and it's not always possible.