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02-01-2010, 02:08 PM
Originally Posted by Carnality
Because you, like the other Klingon scrubs I see on our side, will hide, cloaked, forever, not wanting to attack and maybe get killed.
Okay man heres the deal.... Not everyone in this game is good at PVP (we know this). Most pugs now on the Klingon side are good and set up teams but IN OB this was not the case. Not exactly sure when the screen shot occured but if this was during OB they have their reasons for cloaking. Also not having a cruiser to take dmg while BoP or raptors (Does anyone fly one?) burst people don't sucks. My fleet is fortunate enough to have a guy who is a beast BoP tank and can take a good bit of feds. I'll admit it sucks to go into a complete pug of Klingons and no one but myself will unclaok to kill my target.

At the same time though this issue is just as bad to me as a complete team of Sci/cruiser ships on fed side.
5 BoP vs 1 sci and 4 cruisers sucks ass.

Game timers would be nice but people would still complain. Klingon side could take th lead and immdeiately all cloak up and the games over. All we'd need is one kill to end the game.

Anyone like the idea of that?
Didn't think so.