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02-01-2010, 03:12 PM
2 I don't "KNOW", but I assume that the BO would need to abide by the naming policy. Cryptic can be sued if they have people running around with names of copyrighted characters. i.e. Kirk, Spock.

3 As for The types of BOs yes you should have at least 1 of each kind. When you get higher tier ships, they have more than one slot for certain professions. i.e. Tactical tier 2 has TWO slots fro a tactical officer, one ensign and one Lt. You can have BO with the same ability ( like 2 tactical) and if they had torpedo high yield, you could fire it twice as often. Another good tactical starting one is beam overload.

4 I am not sure exactly how much the racial abilities matter for the BO's. I woudl think you would want stronger people for tactical and more intelligent types for Science.

5 Yes names are unique, no matter how many Spocks there are, they will always be Spock@bla bla1 and Spock@bla bla2.

I hope this helps!