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It can be summed up in one easy word: Economics.

The first few weeks STO is going to experience outages. This is because Cryptic is going to have servers/bandwidth available for what it expects to be the "steady state" number of concurrent users, plus maybe a small fudge factor (say 10% or so). If they add enough capacity for a "smooth" launch and the usage drops after a few weeks to half of that (not unusual for a MMO launch), then they are stuck with paying for *too* much capacity, thus eating into their profits.

So expect outages, downtime, queues, etc. until the 30 day free period is done. Around that time the product will become mostly "stable" as they will have finally "figured" it out. Unless it becomes the next WoW, in which case the user base keeps growing and growing and growing.... but that behemouth is almost the exception to the MMO rule.

Economics folks - pure and simple.