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02-01-2010, 02:18 PM
Originally Posted by Roter_Panda
Currently making a round in Kahless, playing a PvP during the 6min waittime, next Kahless round, ... works out best from money/honour/badge relation.

I just got annoyed that I have the tier1 Kahless quest on 2/3, without the ability to finish it because I leveled to Ltd.Cmdr meanwhile. Seems I have to drop it so close before the reward (and 100 level1 badges left, with which you can buy nothing!)
And that Kahless is also the way to level at tier2, but only dropping tier1 stuff.
Uh, really? You cannot repeat the pvp specific quests they give you? I've repeated them multiple times as lt but never tried as lt commander.

I agree though. I hate having badges that are practically worthless.