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02-01-2010, 02:18 PM
Originally Posted by CreativePhobia
BO skills that aren't trainable from NPCs can be trained by you (the captain) upon leveling up corresponding personal skills to rank 9. The whole bait & switch, or not appearing at all deal is irritating, but you're not missing out on anything you won't be able to get by other means.

From personal experience, stay away from Aceton Field, because the game still thinks that it's a ground skill.
You can only train Rank III skills from your corresponding career path.

Engineers and Science captains cannot train Attack Pattern Omega III. Ever.

Whether this is intention or a bug, I don't know, but this IS how it works. So for an engineer or science captain to find a BOFF with a tier 3 tactical skill, it is indeed a rare find and quite valuable.

It's very frustrating.