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02-01-2010, 02:19 PM
Originally Posted by Maverisms View Post
Trekkie was originally seen as pejorative.

I would not be a Trekker by this system, but since I can explain how Warp Drive works, tell you the warhead mass of a photon torpedo (TNG era -- two kilograms) and have seen every Trek (except TMP) at the earliest possible showing on opening day, I'd say I'm a bit more than this definition of Trekkie.

I don't like either label. The don't sound right to me... as words. Trek is pretty good word, but once one starts conjugating it it sounds awkward (trekked, trekking), I'm a Star Trek Fan, or Trek Fan, if I bother labeling myself, but that is no reflection on people who choose to be Trekkers or Trekkies.
i have to agree with maverisms here, by these definitions i am probably a Trekkie, simply because i've never been to a con, or dressed up Star trek, although i have written fan fiction for my own edification. it is a tough one.

know this is the wrong forum to complain, but i spend a ton of time d/l ing this headstart, and patching, and every time i go to log on, the stinking server is down, or i have to wait nearly an hour to get onto the server, and once i get on, it announces that it's goin' down in ten minutes. so on day 3 of the head start i have gotten a whopping ten minutes of gameplay in. i'm just sayin cause i know a lot of ppl. are in this same boat. (srry STEAM users, i feel for ya!)