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02-01-2010, 02:22 PM
I would like to see...

- Holodecks, as above

- Personal space - whether Captain's Quarters, or an apartment on Starbase 1 (as one of my biggest issues with ME1 was that it never felt as though you were immersed in the world, but just gliding on top of it - unlike say Fallout 3 or SWG)

- More use of the bridge (or any use for that matter)

- Able to walk around inside your ship (though I realize that a Constitution has 23 decks, and the Galaxy class even more, so that is a bit much, but even the first levels of the saucer, or able to visit key locations such as engineer, ready room, entertainment areas, medbay would be fun)

- A designated RP-Social areas not limited by the 50-person instance, such as the clubs and bars on the various stations.