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02-01-2010, 03:28 PM
I have to say, Dogfighting is the strongest plus in this game. It's the ONLY reason Star Trek Bridge Commander was such a big hit. Being IN the fight, rotating your ship to avoid too much impact on one shield alone, firing your rear torpedos while zipping around and firing two more into the enemies hull. That is what made bridge commander awesome for so many years. I don't want a point and click game. I want a game where my movements matter. Where I am in charge. THAT makes me feel like I'm in the game.

If people don't want to dogfight, they can remain in third person view while we, who wish to play in first person can zoom into first person when we feel the need.

That was the weakness of Eve Online. They had point and click interface for moving around, and no control over movement of your ship. In my eyes that's what made that game fail so badly. I bought star trek expecting something different. Expecting to be immersed into the Star Trek universe, feeling like I'm apart of this world that I've always until now only been able to watch on television from a distance.

If you can't even zoom into first person to be a part of it, my vision is still incomplete, and this game does not fully complete that dream that I know most Star Trek fans have had for many, many years.

To be able to take part in the Star Trek Universe as if you are really there.