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02-01-2010, 02:38 PM
Ok, here are a few possible scenarios to play out when it comes to "Emergency Maintenance"...

1. The Server crashed and the cause was located. It would take approximately 2 hours to fix the issue and to get the server back online.

2. An update and fix has been created and must be applied to the server to allow ample testing time before the game officially goes live tomorrow therefore an "emergency maintenance" is called to load it.

3. A couple of rascally Klingons invaded the offices of Cryptic with the plan to take over STO and it would take approxiamtely 2 hours for the dev team from CO to arrive and replace the team of STO whom have been taken out. Unfortunately a couple of CO devs were up all night Binge drinking and so the actual 2 hour maintenance time will be extended to 4 hours as it will take that much time before they stop seeing 3 klingons where only 1 stands in order to properly remove them without doing any more damage to the servers.

I am inclined to believe that scenario 3 is the most likely therefore we might all want to sit back and just wait. I would also recommend someone get to the Cryptic offices ASAP to put on a pot of coffee because they might need it.