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02-01-2010, 02:40 PM
Do any of you use autohotkey for this game? If not I recommend it for all games and work. It operates by its own scripting language and it can manipulate your machine and mouse in awesome ways.

Just a few examples of in game uses:

When i press control -1 is fires all weapons until i turn off caps lock
same for control 2 except all phaser and control-3 is all canons
when i press delete, it balances shields every 3 seconds until i turn off insert mode

etc etc. It is phenomenal

for work, in case any of you are interested,
I can open any component of outlook, start new emails, start emails to specific people and mailing lists all without outlook even the active window

i open most programs with it

the list goes on.

i really recommend it... AutoHotkey