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02-01-2010, 02:41 PM
Good thread. Thanks for starting it.
  • Saavik's two hairstyles from Wrath of Khan (the bun and the turbolift "It's still regulation, Admiral").
  • Risa casual-wear, like the NPCS there are already wearing.
  • TOS hairstyles for women, such as Uhura's and Janice Rand's.
  • I have not yet seen the Admiral's uniform from Wrath of Khan, but it is important there is a "chest flap down" option, showing the white triangle. It's the "business casual" version for that uniform.
  • Orion "slave girl" outfits for female Orion characters, straight from the episodes.
  • White engineering jumpsuit from Wrath of Khan.
  • Kirk's wrap-around sleeveless green shirt from the original series.
  • Knee high leather boots that are straight and smooth, not decked out with combat boot padding (see TOS).
  • Vulcan monk's robes, as Spock wears when he arrives in The Motion Picture.