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Originally Posted by SNDInc View Post
What I find odd though, is while everyone here seems to think it's cool to have been Liberated from the Collective (which it is); is that you think the Federation would allow or want you to keep looking like a Borg when you command a Star ship. I agree with other posters that say the whole point of being Liberated from the Collective is to regain your humanity. How can you do that when you look more Borg, than human (Jean-Luc Picard had much of the armor removed save for the stuff that couldn't be taken out without killing him. 7of9 still had a -lot- of Borg hardware -in- her, just not a lot of visible stuff save for the eye-plate and hand armor. Remember when her Cortical Node started to go?). The whole point of being "Liberated" is so that you can go back to your life before you became a mindless drone.
What if the extent of mechanization under your torso armor is so massive that Starfleet Medical would have to clone you a whole new body just to have enough bits to graft back in? I'm pretty sure that The Doctor didn't leave the exoskeleton on Seven's arm for aesthetic reasons.