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NT is an EU based timezone guild. We're looking to level PVP style. Get a group of 5 skilled players and run around getting 3k skill points an hour. We want to get the fastest PVP games over and done with, because at the moment PVP levelling is about twice as fast as questing (at least personally lol).

So if your looking for an EU timezone guild dont hesistate to contact me in-game. Or if you'd like to get some hardcore PVP'ing done this is most certainly the place to you. We already have a few committed memeber who PVP all night and day, but more the merrier

- Benefits -

Senoir members have years of MMO experiance (wow/war/lotr/eve)
Experianced players who've been playing since the Beta
A helpful and knowledgeable group of people
Access to fleet bank (for gearing up alts etc..)

And most importantly a sociable group of people who are actually helpful and active ^_^.


p.s. free cookies