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# 1 Why I am upset (not whining)
02-01-2010, 02:46 PM
We have all heard the story before

"This happens with every MMO launch"
"We are doing our best"

There may be downtime, but its still unacceptable for a service to not plan for the worst or even try to make it better when they notice there maybe a problem coming.

If you say every MMO has a rocky launch, then the devs are not planning a head for a smooth launch. Why would they not plan for something to go wrong?

The answer my friends is simple, they are banking on fixing the problems with current staff and band aids (single patches). They are also banking on the customers to wait for their fixes. (Maybe hoping for the next wow)

Sadly there is nothing that can be done to change cryptic or their staff. (Ever notice how we have not heard what is causing the random Server disconnects or Missing rewards?) We are told they are aware of the issue.

Just sad.