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02-01-2010, 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by Fredster82 View Post
I have some questions,

1, Is there any good direct way to earn the Energy Credits without having to sell stuff?
I can not get enough Energy Credits, and the question is how to afford to buy a cruiser for 20k ...

2, Will I be assigned a better ship once I will be promoted? Or must I buy it myself?

3, the missions that require you buy medical supplies or shield generators for 1000 energy credits, are they even worth it? Or is there some other way to get this?

4, Which mission should I focus on the beginning of one's career?

1) I have used the replicator in my ship to sell stuff. I am lt. Cmdr 5 and have 50K credits. You dont have to buy a ship unless you want more than one of a tier.

2) When you are promoted you are given a free ship of your choice. Only have to buy a ship if you want more than one in that tier, say like a cruiser and a science.

3) I have heard they are not worth it. I have not confirmed it.

4) I take every mission they offer at least once.