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This issue normally happens to everyone and it is also normally only 1 of the 2 windows/apple keys to blame. I have used this method to "disable" that key on cheap keyboards.


1 - butter knife or regular screw driver
1 - finger nail trimmer
1 - tube of fast drying glue
2 - tooth picks preferably the round ones

Step 1 - unplug the keyboard and gently pop/pry the key off with the butter knife or screwdriver (dont bend up mom's good silverware!)

Step 2 - break the toothpick into pieces that are round and blunt (do not use the points) so that they will stick out of the key about 1/4 - 1/2 an inch and rest against the "bottom" of the inside of the key.

Step 3 - glue them into the corners of the key AND LET IT DRY FULLY

Step 4 - gently try to place the key back onto the keyboard "sniping a small amount of the "stops" away untill it will snap into place and the key will not depress.

This will leave the keyboard looking correct and stop the pesky key from being pressed accidentally while still giving you the other key to use out of games.