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02-01-2010, 02:49 PM
Ok so here is a question / plea for help. I'm having some graphic issues. I've tryed messing with the graphic settings with both basic and advanced setting and even trying all resolution settings. tryed even maxing everything but the game still looks blurry. The immage doesnt seem as sharp. funny thing is in the beta i had to turn settings down to get a decent frame rate but the image was sharp, now i can crank it and i can see all the detail and "stuff" in the enviroment i want without to much issue but its blurry! lol like wtf? the only thing i dont think i've tryed is something that was metioned ealier about half resolution setting. don't remember seeing that.

this is what im running if i can recall:
intel core 2 quad @ 2.4gh
3bg ram (ddr2 i think, dont remember)
radeon x 1650

so ya i problably need a new graphics card cuz it is old as hell but what i dont get is why the game looked better before the head start and i'm trying to get a sharp image again even if i can't have the effects cranked, i don't really care i just dont want my eyes bleeding from looking at a blurry immage. so does anyone have any ideas/suggetions?