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02-01-2010, 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by moonlit
in 2393 the servers crashed.

in 2394 the borg invaded and enslaved everyone with a queue. resistence is futile.

in 2395 the romulans returned.

in 2396 the federation upgraded the servers.

in 2397 the klingons stole the servers.

in 2398 the klingons destroyed the servers for not having pvp.

in 2399 the romulans annexed the federation, who surrendered without a fight.

in 2400 the federation claimed tha their surrender was only a beta, and revolted.

in 2401 the borg returned and gave everyone a bridge officer.

in 2402 the federation succeeded in their revolt, and ordered new servers.

in 2403 the orion syndicate hijacked the server shipment.

in 2404 the login screen failed the let starfleet onto the bridge. children on andoria cried.
lol... sad but true.