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# 1 Why is maintance done
02-01-2010, 02:56 PM
during peak hours? And when do we get our presents for pre-orders? I am very disappointed with Cyptic and the delays and lack of notifications regarding we the players?

When can we get a resolution on these matters? I understand that you are burdened down on all the demands we make of you. I understand that you are trying to please us. But, data proves that you offered and promised certain things that have been delayed and not timely.

Even though the game is fantastic (my own beliefs) and the graphics are spectacular. The interruptions during map changing and very few bugs left (thanks for that). That I am bringing this to your attention.

All in all, ladies and gentlemen, of Cryptic......

I am impressed with all the work you put into this game and on-going support of we the players...