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02-01-2010, 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by Suraknar View Post
I welcome it and that is why I came to the forums anyways to get informed because I was surprised the first battle greatly.

As for the Impulse in Combat, I genuinely am wondering I am not making any accusations here, I am simply trying to learn and understand, I was really surprised to see a BOP under fire by 4 Feds (myself included) just run from 4km to 16km...and out of weapons range in a few secs...I get the impression that when I do evasive it does not last that long nor does it go that fast.

it is why I was puzzled. (maybe I can record some battles and post em up on Youtube for commentary).

that being said, yes if many of you have been playing for a month then yes I will agree that there is definitely game knowledge (what we call player skill), disparity at this moment and no decisions should be made based on that.
Didn't see someone post the evavise trick if you don't know it yet, power to engines/engine battery/emergency to engines and then hit evavise for a short burst of speed roughly comparable to full impulse.