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02-01-2010, 03:03 PM
Originally Posted by Proletariat12
Well in tier 1 the feds are pathetically outgunned. They can't even get through a BOPs shields unless they team up. Because they usually don't equip amazing gear by the time they get to the next tier.

Tier 2 on the other hand has the huge ratio disparity between ship classes. Klingons are still rolling around in their tissue paper escorts while the feds are starting to front a lot of cruisers and a decent amount of science ships keeping you from cloaking.
Nothing the feds have is intrinsically overpowered compared to the Klingons, but we still just need our cruiser to make it even again.

That's all. Waiting on the tier 2 Klingon cruiser.
True story for you.

I had a fed chase me from the engagement, I turned around to fight. I started with about half shields.

He shot me with his front phaser and torp, I shot him with my front cannon, rear turret and saved torp for when his shields went down.

I hit him with tachyon, and hit my 'all shields to forward'

We traded shots, I hit rotate shield freq and engineering team.

His front shields went down without ANY of his other shields draining, I fired my HY torp just as his shield was going down, and both torps hit hull and he blew up when the next cannon volley hit him.

My front shield was at half, my other shields were all drained.


This guy typifies the people I see posting here, who don't understand why they are losing. He probably thought that he was unable to get through my shields or that I was somehow OP. Meanwhile, he's hitting me with half his weapons, throwing torps away on shields and not adjusting shields.

It's hard to see all these posts and not get exasperated. People just need to realize that this game is a lot more complex than it looks. The people who are beating you so badly aren't pro, they're just good. Not great even.

People need to shed a little pride and find a little humble here and realize they have a lot to learn. We could go somewhere with that. All this finger pointing and blaming is just going to keep them where they are.

Originally Posted by nzdeathtoall View Post
I don't know how many of you have ever played Planetside, but this was a common problem there too...

For the longest time the supposed 'easy mode' faction was the New Conglomerate (NC) and they had weapons you could just point and spray. Then there was the other end of the spectrum, the Vanu Sovereignty (VS) who were gimped for the first 2-3 years.

Like in this game, where the Klinks complain that the Feds lack teamwork and general tactical thought, the VS would say the same about the NC. The funny thing about Planetside too was that the populations were usually skewed to about 23%VS/45%NC/32% Other faction; it was interesting that all Vanu players would just adapt to their crap-tastic gear and overcome the mindless zerglings.
Vanu for life, baby.

Wasn't it hilarious how the devs after FOUR YEARS finally realized that the NC shotgun was bugged and they were bypassing the cooldown on burst by switching weapons?

Yeah, nice going sony. How long did we complain about that?

Originally Posted by Suraknar View Post
All I want to know is how can Klingons go to Impulse speed during Combat...(I am really thinking of playing one just to gather the data myself from the inside).
Ask, and ye shall be rewarded.

They are hitting evasive maneuvers and popping an engine battery at the same time.

Try it.