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02-01-2010, 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by Malikius View Post
during peak hours? And when do we get our presents for pre-orders? I am very disappointed with Cyptic and the delays and lack of notifications regarding we the players?
Originally Posted by Malikius View Post
I am impressed with all the work you put into this game and on-going support of we the players...
Two very different views on the same thing?

But anyway. Thse arnt actual maintenance per se. The server just went down unexpectadly and unfortunately they just us a copy/paste method to explain on the support page. That being said we dont usually get an ETA so this is good.

Also there will always be these ups and downs. The fact is there is no peak time on a global server. Tecnically it is always peak time because it may be peak time for a lot of Americans now but give it a few hours when its not considored your peak time and it will be peak time for someone else...