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02-01-2010, 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by pmcubed
In this channel, Klingons being too OP are the most debated topics being posted

Basically what I get from the Klingon response is that feds lack team-work. MES's strength was cut in half, so you will get detected from 10km away.

Now, I play Klingon, but when the final score shows up and Klingon damage almost always doubles everyone, I have to question whether its fair. I have rarely lost any FvK mathes, ground or space.

I don't see what the incentive for FED's to queue for PvP, and I see the system dying after the first month...
Count the kills on both the Klingons killing 2x as much when they get 2x as much damage points over the Feds? Remember, we dont have equal shield and armor stats. We deliver more damage, but we also have to remove more from the enemy to get the kill. On the flip side, We dont require as much damage to get killed by the Feds.

So just because we have higher damage stats, doesnt mean we are necesarily beating the tar out of the Feds and winning. We could be causing lots of damage, but not following through with the kill.