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02-01-2010, 03:28 PM
Originally Posted by AlwaysRemember
Eh. I don't really mind helping the community but I just don't like it when someone else takes credit for it.

I was the first person on these forums to post a detailed list of every BOFF ability in the game, sortable by both rank and career as well as all the captain powers gained through levels. Even wrote where to obtain all the rank III powers that aren't trainable from the BOFF trainer and their restrictions. But nobody really cared, maybe 3-4 people said thanks, it was useful. Then a few days later, someone else took my list, prettied it up to make it look flashy with multicolored text, indents, and things like that. Then all of the sudden everyone in the world noticed and it was stickied and all. That's when I just kind of shook my head and gave up.

I've explained the Expose/Exploit combat system and even wrote guides on how to practically 1-shot every enemy in every group you face, drastically speeding up the rate you do missions, and so on.

Problem is, people's appreciation of help is about on par with their ability to appreciate video games. The gameplay doesn't even matter to people anymore, all they care about are good graphics and big explosions. So i'm not worried about it anymore. Call me shallow, but I don't like taking time away from my own leveling and enjoyment to post info for other people when it's not appreciated or when someone else jumps up and takes credit for it.

I'm writing a dps/tank calculator program as well that takes all your gear and skills into consideration as well. I'm still mapping out just how drastically a point in any given stat affects the others and overall effectiveness of things like shield strength. Science is trickier because each ability is affected in different ways and scales differently, so I doubt i'll ever have the patience to map all that out until i'm actually interested in using it myself.

I understand how you feel and why, and I know it probably won't change anything, but I assure you that there are still folks out here in the MMO universe with honor and dignity who both appreciate the time and energy spent on such efforts by those like yourself and even if reproduced elsewhere make sure to tag proper credit to the original author. I copied your post to our own guild/fleet forum myself, but the head of the post references you by name and I provided the link to the thread at the bottom as well to follow any further updates and such on the issue. Whoever did that to you is classless to be sure, but there are just as many of us around who appreciate you and others like you.