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02-01-2010, 03:40 PM
Originally Posted by Vocoder
what does that mean

I hope it means that both sides are balanced and have the same toolset and basicaly this game is about SKILL i hope to god it dosent turn out like al lthe other MMO with one Side constantly QQ whine til lthe other side is nerfed into oblivion
It means balance through diversity. Every unit has strong and weak tend to be the ones who maximize and play to their strengths while trying to get the enemy to play to their weaknesses. Losers tend to do that not as well. When two opponents do a good job of playing their strong points, the winner is usually the one who makes the least mistakes, the loser tends to be the one who makes the most, the biggest or the last mistake.

Whinners tend to be those who assume their victory should be a given...and fail to utilize their strong points or cant suck it up when confronted with a real challenge.

Red vs Blue play(when both sides have the same equipment) is fine when appropriate...but thats not Star Trek. These are unique factions. Its the diferences that make it genuine Trek. red vs Blue play doesnt have a place here with respectto KvF...or any Trek FactionA vs FactionB play.