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02-01-2010, 04:45 PM
Originally Posted by dullorb View Post
The game needs to be balanced to be fun.

The three outcomes in any contest are win, lose or tie. It's obvious that a player with cloaking can make certain that they will never lose. That is a broken power.
That is not true...unless you put in time limits and its only win or lose...even then we have to get mor ekills first before we could grief like that..and thats certainly not a given.

But I assure you...Ive seen plenty of Klingon loses and we have the means to cloak in everyone of them. Ive been on the lossin side morethan Ive been on the winning...and all my PvP has been Klingon.

Things to remember:
Cloaking wins nothing...we cant capture while cloaked, we cant kill while cloaked. Everything we do to win requires we be uncloaked. Cloaking only provides a means for dictating when we fight...and in some cases when we break off from the fight. But once cloaked, weare essentially out of the match until we return.

Cloaking has never one a PvP match...fighting and capturing does. Once a fight between a Kling and a Fed starts, its a normal figt. You shoot us, we shoot you and somene goes boom! We hit hard, but we are tin cans, you generally hit for less but can tank. We cloak and become limited to hull repairs only...while we are cloaked, you are healing shields and you likly have more crew to maintain repairs longer under combat. So when we come out of cloak, who is in a better condition?

Oh but wait sme Feds say. When the first BoP is cloaked and healing, Im being attacked by another BoP who is fresh(er)...that may be true, but that means you are being defeated by superior numbers or suprior group tactics. That should be more difficult for you...just be happy they werent smart enough to attack you at once. If so, then with muliple BoPs you wouldnt have the time to complain, there is a good chance you'd be an ionized hulk...and rightfully so.