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02-01-2010, 04:59 PM
Originally Posted by cocoa-jin View Post
There is nothing wrong wih the Fed ball...there is nothing wrong with cloaking tactics. Both tactics play to the strength of the ship types that employ them.

The only reason their are complaints is because they work well and make it difficult for some impatient, self-centered, spoiled gamer brat to get is easy kill/win.

That is it...give them a challenge and its a recipe for claiming the other players are the villians, the griefers, the exploiters, etc...all because that player cant get it all, right now, on his terms(which is usually fast, easy and on a silver platter).
There is not a problem with fed ball. The problem with cloak is that a Fed team, working together and maintaining formation, has no way to hunt down Klingons hiding cloaked. As it stands now, ONE side has a way to guarantee that they WILL NOT lose. They might not win, but if they stay cloaked and far away, they CAN NOT LOSE. To fix this, one of two things needs to happen. Either Feds need some method of winning with 0 Klingon involvement, or they need some way to make sure they can engage the Klingons (aka, detect cloaked Klingon ships at range and be able to hunt them down).

Originally Posted by Bloodlance View Post
Yea i wonder why they didnt want to attack your 5 cruisers in a ball.
So one side using an effective strategy makes it fine for the other side to say "ok, if you ever want this match to end, fly away and commit suicide, otherwise we'll never uncloak"? That is TOTALLY a reasonable stance to take.