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02-01-2010, 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by Vesstair View Post
As it stands now, ONE side has a way to guarantee that they WILL NOT lose. They might not win, but if they stay cloaked and far away, they CAN NOT LOSE.
How is this true? There is no time limit PvP matches. If we stay cloaked no one wins or loses...its a stalmate.

Are you talking about win or lose in terms of individual KlingA cant lose because he chooses not to fight so he doesnt run the risk of being killed? A Fed can do that to, just high impulse away from the fight and run off until eternity in the other direction until you dont even pop up on our screens.

Have you played Capture and Hold? We lose straight out if we remain cloaked. We cant capture or hold an objective under cloak.

If all Feds just high impulsed away from the battle area for a 15 kill death match they'd be able to "not lose" also I guess.

Anybody can bow out of the fight if they choose. feds can hunt us down though . Feds can send out hunter-killer groups. Get groups of ships with a science vessel snuggled inside to troll around on high AUX looking for cloaked ships. So instead of 1 or 2 Fed-balls, have 3-5 Fed balls of 3-5 ships. Keep each group in high impulse range to help out any ball that gets a Kling to pop out of the cloak bush. Tag em and bag em..because once he is exposed, your attack will prevent high impulse and he'll be in close range.

I got de-cloaked for the first time last night...right next to a Fed ball in T1...i didnt get far at all. And if you dont get us, rest assured that you were frustraing us the whole match as we turn tail and run to keep from getting caught in the drag net.