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02-01-2010, 04:18 PM
Originally Posted by cocoa-jin View Post
There is nothing wrong wih the Fed ball...there is nothing wrong with cloaking tactics. Both tactics play to the strength of the ship types that employ them.

The only reason their are complaints is because they work well and make it difficult for some impatient, self-centered, spoiled gamer brat to get is easy kill/win.

That is it...give them a challenge and its a recipe for claiming the other players are the villians, the griefers, the exploiters, etc...all because that player cant get it all, right now, on his terms(which is usually fast, easy and on a silver platter).

i think that there is quite alot of what you just describe. I tried pvp 2 times and had a good time flying around on the watch for a possible BoP decloaking on me. everytime I could chase one, hit him, then he strategicaly cloaked to make a turn and reapear from another angle. It was fun on a 1 on 1 basis. sometimes I got killed, other it was him. I don't see the point of any sides holding grouds, where is the fun in that. And no, i'm not in a cruiser, just science so it's even more fun when facing a honorable klingon.