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02-01-2010, 04:30 PM
Originally Posted by Vesstair View Post
What don't you understand? As I said, if Klingons simply stay cloaked, they guarantee they don't lose. In fact, I said "they might not win, but they CAN NOT LOSE". Stalemate still is not a loss.

I am not talking about individual engagements. I'm talking about the entire match in Arena PVP. A fed can NOT do the same thing, since a person can still be seen at full impulse. If one Fed runs at full impulse, then one Klingon can chase that Fed, and the other Klingons can move to cut him off when he turns at the edge of the map.

As to capture and hold... that is not what I'm talking about. There is a way to win capture and hold without actually fighting the Klingons. I would only play CaH maps, except for the fact that I actually want to be able to fight AND win the map... in my experience, it is always EITHER fly around the map and fight, meaning my team loses, or stay in one spot, actually CAPTURE the points, and defend them... which means little to no fighting.

So stay in the Fed works. If there isnt enough action, go to another lose nothing by leaving. Sometimes the enemy doesnt come to be it.

Is it the action and fight you want...or the session win...they arent always part of the same goal. I personally enjoy a stromg personal performance. Im about achieving the objective and/or the most kills for the least amount of loses...sometimes it means against over-whelming numbers or poor team mates, that i have to adapt my over-all goals for the session. Winning the session doest always mean getting all the clean kils i can...getting the most clean kills doesnt mean e win the map.

If there is nothing there in the map for you to gain/enjoy...then seek out a map that does. This map, this session doesnt have to happen...if they dont fight, leave. There is no rewards lost or gained by anyone with the map's win, lose or stalemate.