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02-01-2010, 04:35 PM
Originally Posted by Neenos View Post
I finally received a response to my ticket today about why I could not select my new escort ship when I go to the shipyard although it shows that I have possession of it via the character screen and I can see its weapon configuration. They respond back telling me its working as it should and it would be unfair to give me game play advantages. I can't get any evidence of this because I can't take any screenshots of the game! Though I've talked to another player in conference with the same problem, I believe his name was Tribil(spelling?). There was another person with the same trouble but I don't remember his name.

I can't be certain their issues were the same as mine. Doesn't matter, my issue remains and for them to say its a gameplay issue is completely assinine. I refuse to build another character. They have sold a defective product and there is no excuse. I'll be disputing the charges with my bank.

Cryptic Studios is fortunate they don't have an office in New York, our AG's are bloodthirsty hounds.
1.) You're a moron.
2.) ... actually, that's all I've got because either you didn't clearly explain your issue OR you don't know how to play the game OR you're blowing completely blowing smoke.