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02-01-2010, 04:44 PM
Originally Posted by Vesstair View Post
Am I really going to have to break this down for you?

A form of irony in which apparent praise conceals another, scornful meaning. For example, a sarcastic remark directed at a person who consistently arrives fifteen minutes late for appointments might be, “Oh, you've arrived exactly on time!”

My OP was a sarcastic comment that cloak being able to be used to grief in a match was reasonable, and that in order to be fair each side should be able to grief similarly in a match. I suggested nothing about changing cloak in that post. By definition, it was a sarcastic post about cloak, and so by definition it was satire.
Did you read what I wrote? I didn't say you don't understand satire because your proposal was not sarcastic. I said you fail to understand satire because you honestly believe the solution to this problem is to nerf cloak. So while your post may have been sarcastic you motivation lacks sarcasm. You are dead serious that the problem is cloak and not a systemic issue with PvP death matches.