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02-01-2010, 05:29 PM
Originally Posted by Varrangian View Post
And the problem here is cloak? No of course the problem is not cloak, to argue that the problem is cloak would be well - cloak-envy. The problem is systemic. There should be a waiting room before a full team can enter the map. There should be more maps that are based on objectives rather than kills, the maps should reward for more than just DPS, none of these things cannot be solved by nerfing cloak and that is what the OP previously suggested. This thread was a veiled attempt at reasserting that suggestion rather than arguing for a solution that actually solves the problems.
I agree 100%, but until such a waiting room is implemented, cloak gives klingons a waiting room. Feds lack such a waiting room putting them at a disadvantage. The op's suggestion would nullify that disadvantage and give the feds a waiting room skill. Now, if waiting rooms were implemented, you wouldn't see half of the nerf klinks threads you see now.