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02-01-2010, 05:35 PM
Originally Posted by Astennu View Post
Physics is not NVidia only. Physx is. You have multiple forms of Physics.

Most games use CPU Physics from havox or a in house Physics engine. Very few games use the Physx from nVidia's (cuda). nVidia even baned the old Agia Cards.

I also saw Physics effects in the game on my ATi card. So this must be CPU Physics. nVidia wont allow ATi to use Physx. ATi (AMD) would have to pay and modify there cards to be CUDA compatible. But i dont see that happening.

DX11 also has something called Compute Shaders (Dx10.1 also has compute shaders but from DX11 they are a must and have more flexibility) The compute shaders can also be used to do Physics or be used to calculate AI. But i dont think this game uses the compute shaders from DX11.

But i do wonder if they use some DX11 features. Because Ambient Occlusion is also a DX11 feature, But i could be that they implemented it on a other way. It can also be that DX11 has some acceleration for AO.
ok I understand that and all but I have an ATI 5750 card and STO has installed Nvidia Physx on the computer and i'm a little confused as to why since my video card can't use the nvidia one?