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02-01-2010, 06:43 PM
Originally Posted by RichVR View Post
Just recently got my Lt. Com. I saved 20,000 credits out of the mistaken assumption that I'd have to buy my new ship. So I got a Science Cruiser and an Escort Cruiser. After using both, I have to ask. Is there any reason at this point to use anything but a Science ship?

This is not a troll. Seriously, Escorts feel even squishier than Light Cruisers. What am I doing wrong?
Kill things faster. This is not a troll reply, you need to knock stuff down before it can grind you under. Do some exploration missions for badges (Hromi for Lt Com), get a pair of dual heavy cannon up front, a decent phaser bank and a phaser trt on the rear. Get an EPS relay for engineering and some plasma or cannon tac consoles. Destroy +2 cruisers in one pass working alpha pattern/cannon rapid fire/tactical crew/tach beam while taking bugger all dmg.

Constantly push your CD's, tac team and rapid fire have 30 second cd's iirc so there's no big deal burning them. Evasive manouvers, emergency power to shields, brace for impact etc etc. Push as much power to weapons as possible and keep your shields stabilised. 100 to shields = waste of time, you cannot outlast most targets, but you can out damage them.

note: this advice tends to go out the window for pvp where players just burn all their defense CD's on your burst, you really need to catch the napping for this to work... ; )