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02-01-2010, 07:01 PM
Originally Posted by Mockeryangel
Didn't see someone post the evavise trick if you don't know it yet, power to engines/engine battery/emergency to engines and then hit evavise for a short burst of speed roughly comparable to full impulse.
Since all batteries add 75 to the power setting for their duration and the cap is 125, you'd only need 50 in engines to hit the max speed with the battery.

Edit: Adding Emergency Power to Engines and a Battery when engine power is at or above 50 is just a waste. Emergency Power to Shields I adds 13 to shield power so the others types probably add the same. So with both a battery and EPtE I that'd be 88 added so having 37/25 (because of traits, skills, special engines) you wouldn't' even need to shift to the engine power setting to hit the 125 cap.