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02-01-2010, 06:12 PM
Originally Posted by UnintentionallyStupid
Well my guild The OT Order plans Moderator Annoyance events and our event today was that we flagged every thread in the General Discussion forum, it was pretty funny, but when they couldn't find any excuse to give me infractions they started digging up week old things so that I would have enough infractions to get a 2 day ban.
That sounds kinda fun because as of now I am not planning on playing SWTOR; would just skip on straight to WH40KO.

Maybe I can taunt the Star Wars nerd about how Space Marines would kick Jedi butt. Lightsaber may cut the chainsword, but you missed the bolter round going into the brain. Besides, there are more Space Marines then there are Jedi. Wow, something there are more Space Marines then.