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02-01-2010, 06:14 PM
Originally Posted by Suraknar View Post
All for all, interesting indeed Thank you. Of cource with only 1 Engineer BO for SF, this would be a choice based on playing style, most prefer to have Emergency Power to Shields, which is useful in tight PVE situations however I found it lacking in PVP...

On the other hand, Klingons have more flexibility in that regard, you can actually have two BO Engineers and a tactical Officer for the occasional extra punch (I am guessing a Cannon related skill).

So you can evade and quickly recharge shield and come back from another angle behind the enemy and let loose the Cannon shots.

Given that Flexibility the Klingon have individually, then it is normal that the Feds not having that Flexibility will have to resort to different tactics, such as the ball.
Just hitting balanced power setting, popping an engine battery and hitting evasive maneuvers would be enough to cap engine power and hit the max possible speed short of full impulse at least for a few seconds. The battery for 3 sec, evasive for 8 sec. If you're using Combat engines they typically have higher regular flight speed, but lower full impulse speed. So a Federation Escort should be able to break away using this. Science ships might be able to, cruisers probably not.

Even if you don't break away enough to get out of combat, getting over 5k range will make those cannons start doing less damage.