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02-01-2010, 06:30 PM
Originally Posted by Undertone
Mate, neither of those cards are going to do you much good, the x1950 might, I used to run oblivion okay from one, but don't fork over any more than a tenner for it. ('bout $10) Best bet might be to upgrade to one of the cheap radeon cards, 4850s run pretty much whatever you like in decent quality and cost near on nothing at all
I'll second this. OP, the 8400 is a terrible card. its a video playback card, not a gaming card. If you are going to game on an 8*** series card, go for the 8600GT with ddr3 ram

But the ATI 4850 is fantastic. As the quoted poster pointed out, it runs almost everything you throw at it in good quality, and costs next to nothing.

Click for proof of 4850