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02-01-2010, 06:35 PM
I understand it may be a difficult bug to tackle. It's definitely odd that you'll get XP and Merit but not your reward item or BO. Can y'all tell us if there's anyway y'all can reimburse us for the lost officers once you get this nailed down? I know that question probably takes some research to answer as well, but we're all waiting for the answer.

At this point, I want to play, but I feel I'll be penalized if I do, so instead I'm off doing other things waiting. I'm okay with waiting for launch for my joined trill, but right now, it feels like any character I use I'll probably end up deleting and restarting since I won't be getting my mission rewards. My only reason to play is to make a throw-away character to unlock Klingons, but that's not how I want to enjoy the game.

It's great to hear another acknowledgment of the problem; any update on the progress will be greatly appreciated.